Custom type for Seeburg AY Jukebox headers

Jukebox Type

After years of scouring eBay, I was unable to find the acetate lettering tiles Seeburg made to customize my LPC-1 jukebox. So I made my own. After a year of research and development, and (finally) a big eBay score, I apparently became “the expert” on these lettering kits, and reproduced sets for several models for sale to jukebox collectors.

While I was able to find digital type to match some models, the red block lettering for the AY needed to be entirely redrawn from scratch, adding all-new figures and special characters. With the AY kit in production now, I’m looking into making the typeface available as a digital font, and (hopefully!) in woodtype for letterpress printing.

Custom type in the header of a Seeburg AY-180 Jukebox
Digitally-printed and -cut lettering for the Seeburg LPC-1, LPC-480, and U100 models.
Lettering tiles for Seeburg AY-180 with original packaging.
My Seeburg LPC-1 (1963) with its custom header