Selected Writings

Selected Writings

The American Printing History Association invited me to write a summary of the 2020 Wayzgoose Keynote featuring Bruce Licher of Independent Project Press interviewed by P22’s Richard Kegler.

The intense negative reaction to the London 2012 Olympics logo upon its release (in 2007) inspired my carefully-considered defense of the logo, “London Broil.” The essay was reprinted several places, including a British design magazine. I later heard from a common friend that Neville Brody read it, and was embarrassed that I referenced him.

A review of one of my favorite books, Colin MacInnes’ Absolute Beginners, for the 2006 edition of Coudal Partners’ Field-Tested Books, a collection of summer-vacation book recommendations from authors, bloggers, and creatives. The series was collected in a printed book in 2008.

While serving as “The Ref” (some of my best acting work!) for Layer Tennis, Coudal Partners’ international Friday-afternoon celebrity design battles, I also scheduled and wrote commentary for the “undercard” matches and several title matches.

I’ve been occasionally tinkering with a novel, The Salt Balls, for several years, hopefully I’ll finish that someday. It’s a very funny story, very loosely based on my brother’s real experiences, I just need to figure out how to tell it well enough to do him justice.