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Bryan Bedell, my portfolio, info, writings, etc.
Field Notes/Coudal Partners, my employer
Midwest Ephemera, my fledgling company that does something unclear that involves records, jukeboxes, scooters, design, photography, and letterpress printing
Bryan’s Instagram
Bryan’s Facebook
Bryan’s Linkedin

WMKB Radio

WMKB (#fakewmkb) is an imaginary radio station created by MK Bedell, featuring a variety of regular streaming music shows, including mine, “Recorder Grot” at 9pm central most Tuesdays.
WMKB Live (link only works during live broadcasts)
WMKB Archive (all WMKB shows)
Recorder Grot Archive (my show only)


Vespa Club of America, Chicago chapter website
Chicago/Midwest event listings
Vespa Club of America, Chicago chapter on instagram
Vespa Club of America, national site., my ancient but occasionally-updated blog